Long Range 320MP Panoramic camera 

With Wiper , specially designed for harsh environment

6 MP Outdoor 36X Speed PTZ Camera

with 3 KM Laser Illumination .

Multiple tracking and Detection Unit

   21 Km Thermal ,     10 Km Day/night , .5/2.5 Km meter Panoramic

6 MP Outdoor 36X Speed Dual Head PTZ Camera

with 3 KM Laser Illumination .

SensorTec was in ISNR Abu Dhabi 2018

SensorTec was in INTERSEC Dubai 2018


Border Protection Solution

Engineers at SENSORTEC Ltd. are continuously developing and designing products satisfying the highest requirements of contemporary security, while defining the future of video surveillance and access control.

Sensortec-Canada developed a state of art products dubbed MTDU.

MTDU is a one unit which has a wide range of mission capabilities with flexible, high-performance multi-sensor technologies, Including Radar, Video & VCA detection and tracking technologies. The MTDU increases the probability of early detection with low false alarm and false negative rates under various environmental conditions.

The system performs continuous monitoring and surveillance of potential intrusion threats, within a given time frame, preventing their entry into the protected territory allowing the forces to intercept and capture the prospect intruders in a timely manner.

The MTDU consists of the following early-warning modules

• Ground-surveillance electronic scan radar detection.
• Laser assisted panoramic Camera with video content analysis.
• Laser assisted visual tracking using long range thermal camera .

functions of the MTDU are:

• Early warning
• Remote and on-border detection
• Identification of illegal activities
• Detection and situation assessment by transforming raw data
into essential information.
• Allowing timely coordinated Interception of potential intruders.


The revolutionary multi sensor SensorTec system is equipped with a day and night vision system which allows observation in total darkness and under all weather conditions even in fog, rain or snow. This system consists of a thermal camera and a day-night high resolution camera with very high optical zoom placed on a movable pan & tilt platform. The platform is able to turn the cameras in all directions, both in azimuth and elevation and can be controlled from a remote operator or an existing command and control center.
The movable pan tilt platform is capable of extremely slow/high speed, variable
speed in small steps-continuous, panoramic observation with constant speed and tour mode. All these functions can be triggered locally or remotely, it is also possible to program the unit to function automatically with a standard protocol.
Day/Night and Thermal cameras have continuous optical and digital zoom. The
System provides stable picture in windy conditions with proven methods of stabilization.
Multiple payloads on one pan· tilt system within a separate housing (individually removable to enable service of one payload while the other is still operational)


Safety of the citizens and the traffic in modern urban environments has become an increasingly crucial
problem. SensorTec has the contemporary answer for how to maintain security in the everyday city life.

The prevention of crimes and offenses moreover fast reaction is the key to ensuring the safety of the
The SensorTec end-to-end video surveillance system has been designed specifically with this in


The surveillance has never been easier and more straightforward with the industry’s most versatile but still intuitive and user-friendly Control Center.

SensorTec provides a complete design for the system management and control room, including video screens
layout, operator workstations, networking, server room, control room safety and security …etc. The control room design is created based on the client requirements and according to the industry standards to ensure smooth, efficient, and stable system operation.


Our systems are able to work together. Combining the capabilities of SENSORTEC Video Surveillance System and SENSORTEC Access Control the overall efficiency of security tasks can be highly increased.


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